Dead Man Walkin’

Jesus Comin'


Victimized, brutalized, crucified and hung up on a tree

I'm quite sure that they did not know the magnitude of this

Forever changed the history of sin


Well just what would have happened

If I lived before your death

Would God have turned His face away from me

But you stepped in and saved the day

And bridged the gap with Him

Accepting me if only I believed


Holy one, Jesus comin'

Holy Son, dark man runnin'

You came to save this lost and wretched soul

You'll come again and take me home I know

Jesus comin'


The savior of the world is here

For anyone to see

Take a step and open up to Him

We always want to keep our crap

'Till pain exceeds our pride

Only He can bring us peace within


We always are concerned what people think

We always want to run and play it safe

Life is short it's time to take a chance


Satisfaction guaranteed

When you give your life to Him

Eternity in heaven with the king

We cannot even picture it

The glory we will see

Because He came and died upon that tree


Jesus comin', Jesus comin', Jesus comin', Jesus comin

Jesus comin'

Dead Man Walkin'


There's a dead man walkin'

On a Tucson street tonight

Can't face the pain

So he smokes his head up high

Gotta look behind him

To see which demon's there

Gotta run gotta run

Oh show him you are near Lord

Lighten up his load I pray

Gotta run gotta run

Oh give him some hope please

Don't throw that dead man away


There's a dead girl hookin'

On a Phoenix street tonight

For a piece of rock

She will give away her rights

Can't face the pain or

The torture of her soul

Gotta run gotta run

Oh show her you are near Lord

That's some daddy's little girl

Gotta run gotta run

Oh give her some hope please

Don't throw that dead girl away


Bring back their life like Lazarus Lord

Pour down your love and your mercy and peace

Show them that works saved nobody's soul

Stop the running, stop the running, make them whole

Shine your light in, shine your light in, make us whole


There's an office manager, pretending he is whole

When is reality he longs for alcohol

There's a mama packing lunch, laughing with her kids

Gonna drive them to the school on three more vicadins

Make us whole, make us whole, make us whole


Little girl is laughing

On her daddy's lap tonight

Eating soggy cookies

Squealing with delight

Can't get enough of her

A love so deep it hurts

Gotta love gotta love

Oh love upon your kids now

No telling how things will go

Gotta love gotta love

Oh love upon them oh so much

And stand beside their precious souls

Holy Father


Took for granted so many things

Gifts you gave the price you paid for me

Fifty years of only my way

What's up with that?

Satan's watching and waiting for me

Wants to cut the feet out from under me

I've let him win, so many times

I'm sick of that


Holy Father, protect us by your name

Rain peace upon my restless soul

Bring honor, and cut these chains off me

Help make me who I'm meant to be


No more running stand up and fight

What will we say when Jesus ask's of us

Did you witness stand up for me?

"Well I was scared"

We all do it fear the unknown

Time to walk straight thru the fearful things

Shoot the ball so what it you miss

You took a shot


This race is running so fast, it's almost done

We drag that bag from the past, it keeps us stuck

It's time to let the rope go, and move ahead

Work for the kingdom of God and live, and live, really live!



I woke up the other day feeling blue, didn't have a lot to say was struggling

The past was flashing thru my head

I thought about the little boy who could run to fast the wind just could not catch him

Run forever and a day


Seventeen I was running again only this time straight to the arms of sin and bondage

Running straight to the dark man's bed

Twenty six I was so messed up couldn't tell if the lie was true, told so many

Dark man laughing in my head


Didn't know what the truth was

Told so many lies it's shameful

Wretched sinner of a man

Didn't care who I stepped on

Crushed the meek and smashed the broken

Deserving death is who I am


Forty five I was still jacked up gonna die from the drug and pain would someone help me

The hangman's rope is on the tree

Oh Lord if you're really out there please stop by this boy's gonna die forever

I'm so lost and all alone


Was hanging on a highwire

When you came and rescued me

Oh how can I thank you

Was holding on a lifeline

When you pulled me from the sea

Broke my heart and set me free


Forty nine I'm living for Christ I know He's there, He saved my life oh thank you

Praise and glory to the king

Ninety nine I will praise your name just prop me up, I'll shout your fame oh bless you

Hallelujah to the Lamb

I choose to live in the light there's a whole lotta pain but it's worth the fight so help me

Tears of glory break my heart

Don't know enough but I know this much my savior lives and reigns in heaven

He has set the captives free



This depression is sucking me in

Sure don't like it, can't do a thing except cry

All the time, all consuming

Always shaking a leaf on a tree

Can't explain it like insanity like my soul

Once so full, shot to pieces


Saw the doctor tried to describe it

His solution, an anti-psychotic pill or two

Twice a day, ought to do it

That may be true, don't want to doubt him

My suspician, is spiritual bondage stuck again

My head says, I'm unworthy


Crying out to you oh Lord please help me I am

Weighted down with shame now - I'm hurting

Past is full of stuff I cannot get out of my head - it's racing

Try and walk with you but all too often I get

Stuck in all my mess now - oh hear me

I surrender up this struggling sinner to you

To you, to you


I know better I've seen it before

Recognition is part of the war against this

Stupid name, mental illness

It's a battle admission of this

To be labeled it's one of those things where the name

Comes with shame, depression


It don't matter what people say because

Life in heaven, is coming some day very soon

So today, I will face it

Savior Jesus is bigger than this

Help me face it and pour myself in to your word

And your hope, and freedom

Grace On Me


Let me tell you 'bout a sad sad story

Of a man dying all alone

He spent his time making all this money and

One day he got old

His family never saw him much

Too busy making his next sale

The life he led was all about him and

Not a care about anyone else no


Never wanted to be that guy

Always gonna put my family first

But drug addiction makes your mind all sick and

Can't think about anything else

Many things I want to take back

I can't erase the things I did

What's done is done and all I do is

Press ahead like the Bible says


Thank you Lord for your grace on me

Your love has set me free now

Don't wanna be like that guy no more

Let's sing to the Holy one

The old is gone and the new is come yeah

All praise the glorious king of kings


What's my daughter gonna say about me

When I'm done, ready to go

Can't remember spending time with daddy

He was busy makin' the dough or

Will she say "he loved me so much

Always poured his best in me

Spent his time doing all he could to

Bring out the woman in me"

Rainy Night In Heaven


A man got shot tonight in Dallas Texas

Another two were killed in east L.A.

They never asked my Lord to save their soul

Salvation was another day


I know that thought, I was immortal

Gonna live, gonna live forever

Don't be bothering me what a blinded man

Thank you Jesus

You opened my eyes


It's a rainy night in heaven

There's saddness in the king

Another soul is lost, oh another senseless thing

My Jesus wants to save us

Not one there is to lose

We don't know when we're leaving

Don't wait it's coming soon


Pretty girl found dead tonight in New York City

Cocaine was running in her brain

She went to church a lot but did not know Him

Pride and pain kept her away


Don't know why we're always so resistive to Him

Our pride and ego want to reign

Can't imagine afterlife in satan's dungeon

Wanna live with Him the great I Am


My Jesus wants to save us

Not one there is to lose

We don't know when we're leaving

Don't wait it's coming soon

An Open Story (new mix)


A lot about my life, earned nothing but the worst

I have no one to blame

Decisions that I made, left lasting years of pain

On those who love me


Lying there all alone, moved out of my home

Can't go back, oh it hurts so bad

Stomach is tight and sick, I'm needin' so bad to fix

What's gonna happen to me


You showed up in glory, forgiveness in your hand

Saying it was free

My life's an open story, for anyone to see

You rescued me


I'm saved by grace alone, you sanctified my soul

How can I thank you Lord

It's nothing that I did, deserving of this love

A love so deep it hurts


I wanna live this life, to the best of my being

Deliver me from sin, and the dark one below


Hallelujah, forgiven and set free

Thank you Jesus

Hallelujah, Jesus is the king

Praise to the king

Broken Sonnet


You shined the light of grace, upon my broken face

And held me in your arms

Afraid to face my fears, ashamed of all my tears

You opened up my heart

God of Israel, Yahweh

Father of the Christ, my king


The pain from deep within, until I let you in

Was part of every day

Rejected and afraid, the freedom that you gave

You saved me from my sin

God of Israel, Yahweh

Father of the Christ, my king


I'll sing to you, my victory ballad

Giving hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless and You

Opened my eyes, showed me the truth

'Bout facing my fears

I'll sing to you, this broken sonnet

I wanna tell you I love you, and thank you for walking me thru

All of the times, I couldn't move

All stuck in my shame


Expression of my heart, to you is what I want

A love so deep it hurts

I cannot praise enough, you helped me face my stuff

Oh take this offering

God of Israel, Yahweh

Father of the Christ, my king


I'll sing to you

I'll sing to you

I'll sing to you

Teri's Song


The pain is all there is

Would stopping bring me peace

Jesus help us

I did not ask for this

I cannot carry on

Jesus hold me


Rain your mercy on me

My sould is ripped apart

Show me how to do this

Forgive my hardened heart

I'm begging for a miracle

The past is haunting me

I know you'll move this mountain

If only I believe


Fear is all I've known

My brain wants me to leave

Jesus save us

I'm in this for life

The promise of my love

Jesus tell him


Destruction is gone

My prayers you have heard

Jesus thank you

Restoring our love

Protect us with your might

Jesus love us

Bring Back The Glory


The story was classified, only those authorised to hear

Were allowed

Information was too intense, thought he would lose his friends if they knew

Knew the truth

But the weight got heavy, he came out of the woods

Found the freedom in truth

But I'm on empty, and running just on fumes

Need to press back into you


Bring back the glory, of when I was saved

I'm loosing ground now, be my strength

Break wide the heavens, and give me a glimpse of your throne

I want to know you in an intimate way

I'm loosing ground here, be my strength

Help me surrender break my heart have your way in my soul

In my soul


It's funny this head of mine, get's full of satan's lies and fear

Lot's of fear

I am not a special case, still want to be anyway be clear

Of this mess

And I still struggle, with all that I have done

The pain and the shame and lies and tears

But I'm forgiven, your spirit lives in me

Push me out there praising you


Give me courage, to walk thru this fear

Push me out there, and help me make clear

You're my savior, the one I hold dear

And truth, comes from you, I will believe



It's a messed up time to be thinking you're over it

All the damage, all the pain

There's a part of our life I imagine you won't forget

All the lying, those tears of shame

Forgiving is the easy part, forgetting ain't quite the same case

You're living with an addicts heart, I dying with my sin each day


Love me for life, I'm begging you

Hang close and tight

Don't let me go, stay right here

I can't understand, why you want, this broken down man

Graced by your beauty, blessed by your love


The hurt in your eyes is a blade stuck in my heart

Twisting slowly, it cuts so deep

Wish I knew back then 'bout the consequence of doubt

Can't be trusted, you've been deceived

I wish I could repair the pain, give you back the boy of your dreams

Weakened by the wreckage caused, strengthened by the new life we lead


Thru trials and strife, you hung right in

Thru my blackest night, you stuck right in there

I don't deserve the love you've shared

Right thru thick and thin, you walked your talk

You said you'd hang in, that's what you did you

Helped me to walk my field of dreams


I can't understand, why you want, this broken down man

I can't understand, why you want, this broken down man

I can't understand, why you want, this broken down man

Oh my God

Graced by your beauty, blessed by your love