It seemed like I had been a drug addict all my life.

In 2004 I was homicidal and suicidal, addicted to heroin, pretty much at the end of the line. A wonderful thing happened - an intervention. Several people cared enough to not let me go. I surrendered and entered the Teen Challenge program.

I was saved there. I understand that I am saved by grace and grace alone - nothing else. Nothing I have done is deserving of the love Jesus Christ has shown me.

My marriage has been restored. My family has been restored. My life has been given back to me.

I left Teen Challenge and began writing music about what I know about the most, which is me. I write stories about the pain of addiction, the glory of salvation, and the need to stay in recovery once delivered. I entered the studio and released my first CD, "Take This Cup", in February 2007. In February 2008, I released my second CD, "A Blessed Man". In May 2009, the Doug Hallock & BROKEN Band released our first CD as a band, "Dead Man Walkin'". And June 2010, the Doug Hallock & BROKEN Band released our second CD, "THORN".

We're going to keep going.

We no longer play as the Doug Hallock and BROKEN band, but I continue to play the music that I put together individually and with the band. Within our music is our message, and our message is our ministry. I am able to travel and minister full time with my wife and daughter. I am a blessed man.

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